VILMURI by Vilma Wallinmaa

  • Shop at near Helsinki city centre, Rauhankatu 7 (Kruununhaka): Open (summer until 27.7.!): Wednesdays 12-18 & Saturdays 11-16.)

  • Vanha Pisantie 8, Espoo (print & dyed studio, appointment needed!)


instagram: @vilmuribyvilma

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HUOM! Asioidessamme kanssamme, laitathan mieluiten mailia tai puhelimitse asioidessasi viestiä, niin palaan asiaan heti ehtiessäni!! Olen pääsääntöisesti päivisin huonosti tavoitettavissa suoraan puhelimitse!





VILMURI's visual identity and websites is designed and implemented Vilma Wallinmaa. 



portrait up: Oonaheleena, portraits down: Hanna K. Heikkilä

VILMURI by Vilma Wallinmaa


Pattern forms the surface, sensitivity meets strength and old becomes new in VILMURI by Vilma Wallinmaa upcycled design. VILMURI love the quality of the recycled: patterns and texture, leather and silk, thoughtful, hand-crafted details and MOLA-decoration.

Upcycled,  illustrated accessories and apparel, the most popular illustrated tights, leggings and socks.


Ecodesign company VILMURI by Vilma Wallinmaa offers a personal, characteristic touch with up-cycled products and services. We specialize in a variety of recycled printing and printing services. 

Ecodesign means all of the products that are eco-ethically produced. Vilmuri by Vilma Wallinmaa only focuses on up-cycling and reproduction. It seeks to use an existing textile waste and prevent the waste of the new born.

VILMURI by Vilma Wallinmaa was founded in late 2013, but even if your action has only just started, experience in the field of acting is. Vilma Wallinmaa graduated from the Institute of Design and Fine Arts from Product Graphics and Package Design in 2009. Since 2008, she has been working in the ecofashion sector, specializing in the designing prints and textile printing jobs. The year 2004 was spent working in the textile workshop in a variety of sewing and printing work involved.

Vilma Wallinmaa has worked for a lot of the graphic designer, in particular art and craft of teaching and the educational environment of visual tasks.


VILMURI by Vilma Wallinmaa also carry out sub-contracted for exsample Globe HopeRemake EkoDesign and Vuoriortta exsample design, printing, screenprint and dyeing jobs.





Remake EkoDesign oy : remake.fi  www.facebook.com/ekodesign