We also do up-cycle printing and corporate gifts to other companies. 

Our up-cycle printing studio to implement a wide range of prints, textures and patterns for recycled materials and products. We have experience in a wide range of finished products, is pressed, so it rarely limit the creation stage a lot. Pattern includes various fabric materials (including synthetic fibers), leather and suede, all kinds of plastic and so on ...

Contact us to find out together what kind of pattern is suitable for the material or the finished product the best! We carry patterns always from single and small series of some hundreds of thousands of copies and up. The maximum number depends on how demanding the desired printing on the recycling product is and how short delivery time desired.

We carry different course design and print design projects, especially in the textile and fashion in the world, even though it is a single illustration, pattern design or fabric painting and dyeing design.


photos (from prints and cases): Venla Wallinmaa